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Volatility is Well and Truly Back so What Better Time to Benefit from ActivTrades Ultra Low Fees?

16th March 2020   ·   0 Comments

Fears over coronavirus led to the most dramatic plunge on the stock market since the global economic crash of 2008.

Volatility, the savvy trader’s best friend, is back in full swing after a dramatic start to 2020 that has already seen the world’s two largest economies engaged in a trade war, the UK finally confirming its exit from the European Union and of course most significant of all, the spread of the deadly coronavirus across the world with its resulting damage to the global economy.

The ongoing uncertainty over how long the illness will persist and how lasting an impact it will have on economies across the world has left traders and investors glued to the latest announcements from central banks, governments and health organizations as they seek to be first in the market to react to any sign of recovery or indeed a worsening of the crisis.

Of course all this volatility brings opportunity and ActivTrades’ ultralow fees on European shares make it the ideal broker to help navigate you through what’s certain to be a turbulent few months ahead. With a commission of just 0.01% on European shares such as those on the German DAX or French CAC indices, it costs just €5 for an order of €50,000 or €8 on those of €80,000 for example, making it one of the most competitive rates on the market and reducing the opportunity cost to traders entering and exiting positions in tune with the latest market developments.

“Stock markets were slow to react initially to the spread of the coronavirus, but once they did it quickly assumed huge proportions, said Carlo Alberto De Casa, ActivTrades’ chief analyst. “The long rally of global indices now looks to be over and we’ve now entered a phase of much bigger volatility, which means strong corrections followed by quick rebounds. In other words, there will be lots of opportunities for traders.’’   

DAX              In weeks when trillions of dollars are wiped off the value of global stock markets, ActivTrades know full well that for investors the ability to act nimbly whilst risking as little capital as possible is essential. ActivTrades platform offers clients the flexibility to go short as well as long, specialises in CFDs as well as having a leverage facility allowing clients to put down as little as 20% of the total position down as collateral. All that on top of tight market spreads to ensure best value.

Amid the coronavirus crisis, the negotiations between the UK and the EU on the terms of their withdrawal agreement have been pushed to the back of news coverage. Nonetheless, as the end of the year deadline for the deal to be agreed edges closer, the UK is likely to be back in the spotlight with both the sterling and UK-based companies likely to see increased volatility. ActivTrades’ commission on the FTSE and other UK-listed shares is just 0.1% with a minimum charge of £1, ensuring investors can still benefit, irrespective of whether the UK does or doesn’t agree a deal.

“The UK is risking much more than the EU, but it’s worth remembering that a significant proportion of the FTSE 100 stocks generate their income from outside of the UK, such as mining companies,’’ De Casa said. “As a result they are less exposed to Brexit and could even gain by a fall of the pound.’’

We may only be in the first quarter of the year but if these first few months are anything to go by, then 2020 is set to be a historic one for stock markets with ActivTrades the perfect trading home to enjoy the journey from.

By Carlo Alberto De Casa, Chief analyst at ActivTrades

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