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Tickmill reduced spreads and slashed swaps

17th March 2020   ·   0 Comments

Tickmill reduced spreads and slashed swaps
In an effort to cement our current position as leading international broker of choice, we’re proud to announce that we have tailored exclusive relationships with a number of liquidity providers – placing ourselves as one of the lowest cost brokers across the industry.

Our tagline clearly states that we want traders to succeed… What better way to prove it than reduce our costs to the point that we have some of the lowest overall trading costs in the industry.

In order to achieve this milestone, we firstly reduced our spreads on the major currency pairs and gold. We started working with a huge range of liquidity providers to create a huge depth of liquidity using advanced aggregation software. Thanks to those efforts, we can ensure that we can give our clients spreads from 0 with enhanced execution.

Secondly, we’ve slashed swap rates significantly to enable clients to keep their trades open for longer, without having to compromise on profit due to unnecessary additional costs.

We’ve provided an indication to the changes in spreads below:

Previous Spread Typical Spread Now Change
EURUSD 0.2 0 -100%
GBPUSD 0.7 0.2 -71%
USDJPY 0.2 0.1 -50%
USDCAD 0.6 0.2 -67%
AUDUSD 0.4 0.1 -75%
USDCHF 0.7 0.3 -57%
NZDUSD 0.7 0.3 -57%
GBPJPY 1.1 0.9 -18%
EURJPY 0.7 0.2 -71%
EURGBP 0.5 0.3 -40%
XAUUSD 0.12 0.07 -42%

As a key aspect of trading effectively is being aware of the underlying costs of managing and executing a trade, we’ve taken every measure possible to make those costs negligible.

It is crucial for a trader to assess the long-term viability of their strategy – a goal that can only be achieved by working with a transparent broker. Tickmill aims to provide clients with a diverse range of instruments for trading while also providing the conditions in which they can trade effectively. We continually endeavour to build upon the services that we offer our clients, and this is the next step to allow us to do just that.

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