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Binance | Future Battle Badges

21st December 2020   ·   0 Comments

Binance has launched a new Badge feature for the Futures Battle activity to enhance user experience.

Battle Badges are earned from a point-based tier system that utilizes battle points accumulated by users.

To celebrate the launch of this new feature, Binance has committed a total of $30,000 in BNB to give away to our users worldwide.


Bonus link: Future Battle Badges From Binance


  • Start: December 18, 2020 12:00 PM (UTC);
  • End: January 06, 2021 12:00 PM (UTC).

Available to: All New and Existing Clients

Bonus information: 

*** Promotion A: Badge Prize Pool:

BadgePointsPrize Pool
Master≥ 10,000,000Split $5,000 in BNB
Diamond1,000,000 ≤ Points < 10,000,000Split $5,000 in BNB
Platinum100,000 ≤ Points < 1,000,000Split $5,000 in BNB
Gold10,000 ≤ Points < 100,000Split $5,000 in BNB
Silver5,000 ≤ Points <10,000Split $3,000 in BNB
BronzePoints < 5,000Split $2,000 in BNB

*** Promotion B: Winning Streak Prize:

  • Users with a winning streak of ≥ 15 Battles during the campaign period will equally split an extra $5,000 in BNB.

How to unlock and qualify for the prize pools: 

  • How to unlock the prize pool:

– The prize pool for each Badge tier will be unlocked when there are ≥ 10 eligible participants in the tier.

– The prize pool for the Master Badge tier will be unlocked when there are ≥ 3 eligible users.

– If a badge tier has less than 10 eligible users, the users in that tier will be grouped into the next lower tier for prize splitting. The users of that tier will each receive an additional 100 USDT Coin-Margined Futures Cashback voucher.

  • How to qualify for the prize pools:

– Earn enough points from Futures Battle to qualify for a corresponding Badge tier.

– Participate in Battles for at least any 8 days during the promotion.


  • Users can get both a Badge prize and winning streak prize if they meet the requirements.
  • BNB rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the end of the competition. Users can see their rewards by selecting the Account Center > Wallet > Distribution History.

Bonus Terms and Conditions: General Terms and Conditions apply.

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