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FXB Trading | 100% Forex Booster Bonus

27th June 2017   ·   9 Comments

FXB Trading – Claim your 100% Booster Bonus from FXB and double your first deposit instantly! This powerful trading bonus boosts your trading potential instantly, giving you the opportunity to trade forex, gold, silver, commodities and many more asset classes, the way you want to trade!
FXB Trading-100% Forex Booster Bonus

  • Link: 100% Forex Booster Bonus from FXB Trading
  • Available to: New clients.
  • Dates: 31 December 2017
  • Bonus: 100% Forex Booster Bonus up to $2,500
  • How to get:
  • Open a new account
  • Deposit minimum $100 USD
  • Withdrawal: Yes,

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. tensei says:

    the bonus given by this broker is very good because of the great value, this bonus booster really makes me easier to run it and the facility I use to reach everything, there may be many more bonuses issued from this broker

  2. alitergalen says:

    A number of traders who join FXB Trading without any problems, FXB Trading is well known for offering great help with Outlook Daily related to currency analysis. This tool combined with real time information has made it easier for merchants to manage their trades successfully in the CFD market.

  3. cun cahya says:

    FXB Trading has become famous and popular for its uncanny ability to offer help to investors and traders by means of the special features on its website. One of the sharpest features on offer is the tools it provides on the daily outlook for trading and this is helpful to all traders in their attempt to size up the CFD market and the shifts in currency pair values.

  4. Abdul aziz says:

    FXB Trading is popular among the investors and traders for its transparent and its regulated brokerage services. It offers perhaps the most competitive market spreads. This is a big advantage for traders who are seeking profits in the CFD market.

  5. idangaceng says:

    When you visit the website of FXB Trading, it will seem like any other brokerage service with some average features. You will, however, be pleasantly surprised once you start using its website. The information that you will come across in most of its features will serve as an excellent resource. You will reach a point while trading when you will realize that life is not going to be possible without FXB Trading when it comes to trading. In fact, once traders get used to its services, they will probably refuse to trade anywhere else.

  6. When I started using FXB Trading for opening trades in the CFD market, my entire life has changed for the good. I have a place, finally, that offers me all the flexibility that I crave for. I can now trade at any possible time that I desire and I can bank on all the updated data that I receive on this website.

  7. dede says:

    bonus is expired
    but another services can we use to get more income like affiliate and refer a friend, and receive up to $250 for every friend
    its and I think that is great services in FXB Trading

  8. anggah says:

    It has become acceptable to consider trading in the CFD market as a full time career for many people. It has also led to a rise in the demand of various kinds of orders in the CFD market. It has become absolutely essential for traders to have knowledge about the techniques involved in trading successfully. FXB Trading helps beginners and experienced traders alike with information on various kinds of trading that take place every day in the CFD market.

  9. nadiarewel says:

    FXB Trading has got the answers to all their queries. They could ask any question, regardless of whether they pertained to regulations or trading; the answers would all be there on its website. For many traders like me, their trading experience has significantly improved after they shifted to its website. They have found the navigation on this site an easy experience.


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