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AYREX | Binary Options Demo Contest

1st December 2016   ·   26 Comments

Join an ultra-fast demo contest with $3600 monthly prizes Presented by Ayrex, a Premium Binary options Broker. Win $100 in just one hour held 3 rounds per week where No deposit required with 8 winners every round. The competition held among demo account holder where top-ranked participant will be awarded at the end of the Contest. It’s require to Register a demo account once for participating in the Binary Options demo contest for all subsequent rounds. The total Prize is $300 for each round of the contest while monthly prize fund is $3600, All Prizes are fully withdrawable.
30% Deposit Bonus

  • Link: Binary Options Demo Contest from Ayrex
  • Dates: Registration opens till the contest terminate.
  • Available to: All new Traders
  • Contest Date: Every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday
  • Contest Duration: 1 Hour – Starts From 6 PM (EST)
  • How to get:
  • Register a demo account
  • Use the same account for the rest of the rounds
  • Withdrawal: All Prize are real cash, fully withdrawable

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Readers Comments (26)

  1. negro20101 says:

    A few months ago I trade binary options with ayrex. My experience is without a doubt the best, the broker is reliable its platform is very easy to use, I can also say that the customer service is very good. For the options of deposit and withdrawal are the three best that are credit card, neteller and skrill with them payments of up to $ 100 are in automatic.

  2. Davidreal says:

    Ayrex is a good new platform, it provides me with a fast closure-opening/execution of positions and lot of assets to operate. Support is fast and professional and the android app now has indicators to manage the market. The deposit and withdrawal is also fast for me. I would like to open positions from less to 5usd.

  3. hanimo says:

    Trading with Ayrex is a great work! They offer an amazing platform which contains everything in front of you.
    It is easy, clear and fast. You can trade on 30 seconds which rarely exists in other brokers. You can try trading with Ayrex on demo for free, moreover you can win real funds by participating in the contest.
    So I can’t tell more, try Ayrex by yourself and you will find out how great broker they are!

  4. hanimo says:

    The best thing I have not ever seen in another broker but Ayrex is the great support help.
    They are very kind and respect, just press on chat bottom and they will be with you straight away,
    you could chat with them all the day even midnight, they could check documents in moments
    and answer you accepted or rejected so you don’t need to wait much time to got responded!
    Really very helpful and I think there is not support help like Ayrex!

  5. fajukem says:

    Hello traders, I have tested this trader for weeks, and for this time, I got a lot of profut with my binary experience. they just have a superb platform, responsive technical support, withdrawal of funds 24/7 and instant with manny payment systems, I advise everyone this broker, they also conduct very good contests .

  6. nas says:

    The system of funds in Ayrex is great. Deposits are instant via cards or electronic methods and processed even the client haven’t verified documents yet. Withdrawals are more amazing. If deposits were made by Neteller or Skrill you could withdraw less than 100$ instantly and after 24 hours you will be able to withdraw another amount, so even in weekends withdrawal is available. I think you won’t find this feature only on Ayrex.

  7. Rakesh says:

    I’ve used ayrex for few months and still i’m using it. They verify our documents without any big waiting time. And I did not think I’ll eb able to my account without any smart card id or driving license. But They verified my account with my driving license even it’s not a smart card. So you dont want to worry about verification if you’re about to use ayrex. They are so friendly with the process.

  8. rebeakinlabi says:

    My experience with Ayrex has been nothing but amazing. Their trading platform is easy to use and their withdrawals/deposit to my neteller is very fast and very different from other Binary Options brokers. i lost my first deposit and i was given bonus for turnover. what a generous broker they are.even with $5 i can trade thats cool

  9. Ideofx Asanka says:

    I have been doing tradings with Ayrex more than 10 days now and my experiance with them is only getting better. Deposits are on time and withdrawals are instant. Ayrex is the best option broker among other so called brokers. The trading platform is very easy to understand and the customer service agents will give you best support that they can to resolve the issues. From my experience so far everything is good and i rate Ayrex 5 star broker and i would like to recommend this broker to any novice or professional trader to do the tradings.

  10. drezz says:

    Ayrex is my favorite binary options broker. The minimum trade amount is only $5, which is very good for beginners. Ayrex’s automatic withdrawal is very fast and I made total ~$ 400 withdrawal without any problem. Your trades open In less than 1 second. I recommend Ayrex for everyone!

  11. tidy says:

    I like Ayrex because their platform is very fast and their support is very helpful. Also I like their mobile app which has Moving Avarages and Bollinger Bands indicators which help a lot in trading. Start trading at Ayrex and you will not regret it I guarantee!

  12. mirza says:

    Very fun trading with ayrex, ayrex give cashback bonus after we lose in bertrading, the bonus can also be withdrawal after reaching turnover which has been specified, regardless of profit you can withdrawal entirely after the turnover is over. Besides that there are many more advantages that are offered ayrex, such as no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, and demo contest held every 3 times a week. Pulling the duration of the contest demo is only 1 hour.
    You can visit:
    good luck .
    The following is evidence of cash bonus ayrex can withdrawal after completing the turnover.

  13. William Edward says:

    Ayrex gives you some signals to trade. there is a section called “signals” behind the trading history in your ayrex web platform. They gives such signals with expiry time. I was confused about reading it at first place, but with time I understood it’s provided for us to make profits but not only from that. You can use that signal as a clarification for the trade you’re going to purchase. If you’re about to go for a call i eur/usd and if the signal on Ayrex says EUR/USD call with some expiry, that means your trade determination is kind of a right discussion. But keep in mind that there is no 100% guarantee for any trading method, so just make your profits by combining your trades with Ayrex signals. They are good!

  14. Quddus2311 says:

    After evaluating and trading with 100s of brokers, I found the Ayrex as the best one. Here are some of the best features Ayrex offers:

    – Reliable, fast and efficient customer support
    – Price quotes in 6 decimals so you have better chance of winning trades even with minute price changes.
    – Trade with just $5.
    – Only broker that offers automatic withdrawal up to $100.
    – Demo account and better payment options.

    Highly Recommended.

  15. NOBLE THOMAS says:

    it has been 4 weeks since i started using ayrex platform. the features i love about them are fast and efficient platform that works perfectly in both phone and pc and trade execution is pretty quick. methods of deposit and withdrawal, i found them very easy and convenient. i would personally personally recommend this platform to my trader friends and family.

  16. PASTOR says:

    From my personal view, Ayrex binary option is real and genuine.I just started trading on their platform for sometime now
    and must confess that they are real. If you must trade, then trade on Ayrex. why? they have a good platform and quick access to it. instant funding and withdrawal. everythimg about them is qucik and genuine .

  17. abdoki23 says:

    I enjoy trading on the Ayrex demo platform and contest 3 time a week, Speed and efficiency platform…My favorite feature is the Market News section on the platform, right below the graph. I filter the news according to my favorite assets and that really helpfull.i love it

  18. Ime says:

    My experience with Ayrex was great. Deposit is instant via electronic methods and minimum is only 5$. Also withdrawal system is amazing, it is available to withdraw less than 100$ automatically every 24 hours. They don’t deduct any fees on deposits or withdrawals. If you lost your funds they will encourage you with 10$ to continue. And there are more features you will find out when you try it.

  19. wili1107 says:

    Honestly this is the best binary option broker … the best binary option platform since in the binary options we need a fast and reliable platform and ayrex has all the payments are from 70% to 87% in many cases and that helps Much to the trader to get ahead with a platform like them … ayrex is more than a company. Ayrex is a family we are all deposit only of 5 Usd operations minimas of 5 Usd have signals also offer bonuses for our deposits and even if we have money they give us 30 usd of bonus without deposit before … definitely ayrex is the best broker of Binary options in the world, above many powerful brokers, ayrex today is the best is the best choice you can have when choosing broker binary options

  20. levite says:

    well… fast execution, fast withdraws, chat in hand for support.. and most importantly … they dont mess around with expiry exit times on trades..( something most brokers do),
    besides well the platform looks sleekm sheek and clean. really like them and hope they are here to stay.

  21. Tri Atmono says:

    I am very like with this Binary Broker, they have good platform , fast respon, withdrawal and deposit using any methode,, i follow demo contest 3 times in a week to practice trading and ever got prize,, Best ever broker

  22. Siboniso Ngubane says:

    Ayrex is by far the best broker. The best thing about Ayrex is that they offer wide range of options for people who may not the funds to start trading. If you are financially disadvantaged, Ayrex gives you options for starting trading. Even new comers have an option to get funds to start trading without having to make a single deposit. Ayrex is also fast and will not be a problem while you are trading. Ayrex allows you to execute trades with just a minimum of $5. Ayrex has to be the bst broker that I have ever used this far. It is so reliable and you will not find yourself regretting using this broker, I promise you. Ayrex also has the best livechat assistance so far. They are quick to reply to your questions and they go an extra mile to make sure that you find help. Trust me you will not be dissappointed with Ayrex

  23. pablo arteaga says:

    ayrex is a scammy place. customer service is ill-informed… they have many scammy tactis. such as paying for good reviews,.. they have a ”program” for ppl to get 10usd for each good review with specific parameters.. here is the link to their corrupt good review sistem.

    besides paying bribes to losing traders .. they lie about or decit ppl with their crappy fake ” automatic withdraws” farce. when you go to their site 1st u see all the cute graphs about how automatic ull get your paymnents,, but then theyll come uo wuth some excuse, first sayng 1 wallet doesnt work , then tellin me to use otherone. when i do ” it will take 3 days” … they got this rule that if u use neteler and skril the offer is a void, that simple.

    now, they say it says that on the webite but under ” EDUCATION” .. can u believe this guys?.. IT DOES NOT SAY THAT ON THE PROMO FOR THIS ”GREAT FEATURE”.
    their pay per curency will go to 61 62% mayority of times with only 1 currency at 75 or better .. guess whicone…? the one that is near imposible to trade with. ofcourse.. ma ny times they have only 4 pairs running..

    customer service seems to not know wth they talking about.. and seem to have fun and enjoy , tont customers when they have a serious issue.. offer no help. no way to get a hold of a superiror.

    THIS SITE IS NOT REGULATED.. !!! some bribed reviewsites claim they are, but no.

    htir platform also has stupid chart that only lets you see 15 minutes back. useless. and ofcourse their number never match whats in real markets. when asked they say ” we cant reval where we get out quotes from”.

    avois this scammy place !!

    • Rachel Kelly says:

      Thank you for your review! Although, needless to say, our team is still a little bit puzzled by it.

      Our Support Team is at your service via Live Chat, and +44 20 3322 7337 24/5 and their main purpose has always been to help you. We are sorry, if our service disappointed you in any way and would really like to know what was it exactly to eliminate it in the future work.

      The system under the question is called “Review-us” bonus and it is available only for clients who have traded on the Real Platform long enough to get a full impression and experience about it. As you can see on the page, the main requirement is to share “the real trading experience on Ayrex”. We value the realness in it and definitely not praising, so if trader’s experience on the platform was not the best one, he or she can share it with us and receive a fully withdrawable bonus just the same as a client who didn’t have any problems. Moreover, the real reported problems are logically valued more by our team, because it helps to improve the platform and avoid any disappointments on the clients’ side in the future.

      Automatic withdrawals are the best possibility to withdraw your funds instantly and without any commission. To be able to get your funds processed automatically, your deposits and withdrawals have to be made with one account on Skrill only or Neteller only. We are always here to assist you in this or any other question and if our clients have made transactions with other methods and would liket to withdraw automatically, we always help to reregister and enjoy this feature. By the way, all the other withdrawals are processed manually by Financial Department in 1-3 hours only, which is one of the fastest results in the industry, if you would check with the other popular brokers. If you are interested in the automatic withdrawals, please, check our article about it on the website or Facebook page.

      Could you specify your statement about the website being under “education” a little, please?

      The average return rate on the platform is 75% and the biggest one is 85% for the major and most popular currency pairs. Please, check it on our Real Platform or on the Demo one anytime.

      I’m afraid, there is a mistake here, because we have never claimed that Ayrex is regulated. We have indeed applied for the CySec’s license but we still do not have it, though working on adjusting to their list of requirements. We operate under the license Reg. no: C44622 issued by St. Kitts and Nevis. The same information you can find on our website and in our Terms and Conditions, which is the main document to regulate the relationship between the Company and the Client. Could you, please, share with us where have you seen any information that we are regulated? We would like to check it too.

      The platform was created by our team for 100% and we are proud of it, though there is still a lot of work to be done in the future, but we are getting there. The chart settings allow you to see the price movements back for 1 hour and the upcoming update will make it even longer, so stay tuned.

      If there is anything else you would like to ask about our platform, we will be more than happy to assist you anytime.

  24. Siboniso Ngubane says:

    This definitely has to be one of the best binary brokers. Ayrex is faster and easy to use. Even first timers can use their no-deposit bonus of $30 to start trading. The moment you see the platform, it is straight-forward and very practical. The platform shows you all the things that you need at your disposal. There is really no need to be trying many other brokers when AYrex is the broker for everyone

  25. Siboniso Ngubane says:

    The problem with most brokers is that they usually do not offer their customers many options, this is not the case with Ayrex. Ayrex will offer different options from deposit bonus to no deposit bonus to islamic account. Ayrex is the broker that caters for everyone. I never do reviews but because of how satisfied I am with AYrex, i definately had to a review to let other people know about how good Ayrex is. Stop searching and join Ayrex now. You will only thank me later


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